KindWinter is drawing on the team’s experience of mountaineering, outdoor industry, housing, health, homelessness and scaling to bring essential gear to those sleeping rough.


What we do

  • We work hand in hand with NGOs to determine the needs of the specific population of homeless they serve. 
  • We have an ongoing fundraising exercise to be able to purchase the right equipment in the right amounts or/and seek donations in kind.
  • We scale procurement as we supply an increasing number of NGOs.
  • The donor is assured that 100% of their donation goes to the homeless. There are no overheads either on the KindWinter side as we are all volunteers, nor from the NGO’s side as donations are in kind.
  • All donations are to a UK registered charity.
  • We aim to work with volunteers at the highest professional competence in the functions needed.

KindWinter Volunteer Team

Françoise Call

Chef d’Orchestre

Gabriele Lucconi

Rotary Club and donor relations

Michael Carras

Trustee, The Rotary Club of Westminster International Trust Fund

Lubna Samara

Special support

Maria Zielinska

Creative strategist

Valentina Nadal

Social media

One sleeping bag ~GBP50. If you would like to see how your donations are being used, please contact us at for an invitation to our NGO visits and events.